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Ronald Reagan b. February 6, 1911

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To steal phrase from Rush: My favorite President the great Ronaldus Maximis would have been 99 today and God knows we could use the Gipper now.

Check out some of Regan’s best quotes & also here quotes


Reagan’s historic Berlin wall speech

Posted in Politics on November 10, 2009 by frankenstrat

The great Ronaldus Maximus giving one of his best speeches. Pity the current crop of ‘world leaders’ and state run media don’t give Ronnie his due for the part he played in the wall coming down.  But we lived through it and know how it really went down.

Reagan – Tear Down This Wall

Glenn Beck, hated by both sides?

Posted in Politics on September 3, 2009 by frankenstrat

As I peruse my usual political sites everyday I’m noticing a growing trend of Conservatives lashing out against Glenn Beck. Didn’t include the links here but anyone paying attention knows what I’m talking about but anyway…

For the life of me I don’t understand all the hate, scorn & ridicule directed at Beck from the right side of the aisle. Your just helping the Far left, anti-American whack-jobs by hating on ole GB. In my opinion Glenn is doing the lords work. Yeah, he can be over the top and buffoonish at times and he freely admits he’s a clown but all that aside. He is single handedly doing more to expose Obama & his socialist/communist puppet masters than any other person in America including Rush. If Beck keeps this up, pulling back the curtains to expose the real wizards pulling the levers, I fear he’s going to be snuffed out. Every night I watch his show and as he peels the layers away from all the left wing, Soros funded progressive(socialist) groups I shake my head and think to myself: Dude, I sincerely hope you wear a bullet proof vest & have security for you and your family.

Scary for modern day America but that’s where we find ourselves in Obama’s quickly developing Airstrip One.

A future I want no part of

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If we follow the path our living messiah is attempting to lead us down this could be our terrifying future.

January 20, Year 20 AO (After Obama)

Early morning sunlight flashed in Bill’s face, which wrinkled in irritation. He rolled on his back, leaving the worst of the light on his shoulder but too late; the sun had done its job. He was awake. He lay there for another minute or two but finally caved in to the inevitable, threw the heavy blankets aside and sat up, dropping his feet to the floor.
Brr. Freezing. He got up, the chill starting to sink in, and looked at his thermostat. 60 degrees. *SIGH* It was on days like this that he missed being able to set his temperature as he liked it instead of having a federally regulated thermostat set it for him. He knew a couple of tech-savvy guys who had hacked theirs and set it so that they were comfortable. Later they said it was almost worth the huge fine they had to pay and the public shaming. Almost. Bill had a sneaking admiration for them but realized, of course that carbon crimes were no small matter.
He opened his small closet and pulled out his robe and wrapped it tightly around himself , walked into his cramped living room and plopped down on the sofa, picked up the remote, hit the Power button and the TV actually turned on! . Excellent. Thank goodness for sunny days. Since electricity had started to get so expensive back in the early Change days most folks had done the only sensible thing and had gone green. Of course with any worthwhile endeavor there were sacrifices to be made and the fact that most green technologies were a bit, well dodgy, just had to be accepted. On a really cloudy day his rooftop sun collector produced about enough power to keep his refrigerator going and keep his quota of four, 60 watt max energy saver light bulbs on. But today he had heat and TV, too.

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They came for the smokers…

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…and nobody cared. Now they are coming for the Obese. Anyone care yet?

Yup, it’s official. Obese is the new Tobacco.

Known this was coming since the war on Cigarettes started. Wasn’t exactly sure where our elected nannies and self appointed do-gooders would go next but now we all know. It’s obesity.

Just thinking out loud here but how are all you fat…errr I mean Obese people feeling right about now?

The campaign against you is just ramping up, your starting to get blamed and demonized for every bad thing that’s wrong with the health care industry now and why costs are spiraling out of control. Are you feeling at all like us smokers have for the past 20 years? Can’t speak for all smokers but for myself it’s always pissed me off that I’ve been treated worse than a leper with AIDS since the early 90’s and been pushed further away from people in restaurants, Airports, hospitals and everywhere. Hell about the only place I can smoke is my home and I’ll wager there are plans in the works by the smoke police to put a end to that too.

Like Rush has been saying this week, we have cut the number of smokers in the this country by more than 1/2 in the past few decades and where did it get us? Medical cost’s certainly didn’t go down, they are higher than ever. The only benefit that I can see is our life expectancy has increased which is great but that raises a question in my little pea brain. Is our increased life expectancy due to millions of people kicking the habit or the huge advances in medicines and medical procedures? Don’t know the answer to that but suspect it’s a bit of both.

Now I’m no idiot. I know smoking is bad for you but it’s your choice to make. Just as what you eat is your choice. It’s not mine nor a Government paper pusher who pounds back cocktails for lunch everyday.

It’s none of our business what someone else eats, how fat they get or if they are smoking a pack of cig’s while inhaling a extra large Pizza while downing a keg of Budweiser. The founders intended for us to be a free country and real freedom means having the right to make stupid decisions about our health. Punitively taxing legal products such as tobacco, fast food or unhealthy snacks just to control certain behavior that our elected asshats don’t agree with isn’t America. At least not the America I or my folks grew up in.

To be sure health care in America needs to be worked on, streamlined and you should pay for what you use. Not somebody else. I don’t want to pay for my neighbor’s Dr. visit’s and I’ll bet you don’t either. Should the bureaucrats in DC take it over to supposedly fix it? ahhh HELL NO. Everything they touch turns into a disaster which leads them to do more to fix the disaster they created in the 1st place. Costs will go even higher while the care will suffer.

Anyone who deals with Medicare or the VA like I do almost on a daily basis knows the disaster we are in for if Obamacare comes to pass. God help us all if it does.

1982 PBS Documentary Featuring Walter Williams

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Life has been getting in the way big time and other than twitter I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately but I’ve seen these vid’s on several sites and wanted to put them up here if nothing else so I could find them later. Also a huge fan of Walter’s and he does a stellar job in this documentary explaining how the policies of good intentioned politicians have wrecked generations of black folks and I might add poor whites too. A must watch and all as true today as it was when filmed in 1982. Hell, things have only gotten worse.

1982 PBS Documentary Featuring Walter Williams

Jon Voight Torches Dear Leader

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Everyone else is posting this so why not me and besides it’s brilliant. This fellow should seriously consider running for office like NOW.