Glenn Beck, hated by both sides?

As I peruse my usual political sites everyday I’m noticing a growing trend of Conservatives lashing out against Glenn Beck. Didn’t include the links here but anyone paying attention knows what I’m talking about but anyway…

For the life of me I don’t understand all the hate, scorn & ridicule directed at Beck from the right side of the aisle. Your just helping the Far left, anti-American whack-jobs by hating on ole GB. In my opinion Glenn is doing the lords work. Yeah, he can be over the top and buffoonish at times and he freely admits he’s a clown but all that aside. He is single handedly doing more to expose Obama & his socialist/communist puppet masters than any other person in America including Rush. If Beck keeps this up, pulling back the curtains to expose the real wizards pulling the levers, I fear he’s going to be snuffed out. Every night I watch his show and as he peels the layers away from all the left wing, Soros funded progressive(socialist) groups I shake my head and think to myself: Dude, I sincerely hope you wear a bullet proof vest & have security for you and your family.

Scary for modern day America but that’s where we find ourselves in Obama’s quickly developing Airstrip One.


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