RIP guys, all of you will be missed

After the last week of what seems like a icon a day kicking off this week just has to be better.

Ed McMahon (March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009) They’ll never be another late night comedy duo like Ed and Johnny. They were the best and the current crop late night guys are just not that funny.

Farrah Fawcett (February 2, 1947 – June 25, 2009) Every boy in the 70’s had a crush on Farrah and had this poster. I was no exception. Even had the plastic glass with this photo sealed in it. Still have to this day on display in our living room.

Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

This is the Michael I choose to remember…Not the sad freak show that he had become but what he was at his peak. To all the kiddies out there who might wonder why Michael’s death is such a big deal. Watch these videos and you’ll see why.

Billy Mays (July 20, 1958 – June 28, 2009)

Out of all the celeb deaths last week this one shocked the me most. MJ has been kind of sickly and scrawny a long time, Farrah had cancer for 3 years and Ed was 86 and in shaky health so not surprised there but Billy Mays!??! That guy looked strong as a grizzly bear. Don’t know if the rough plane landing had anything to do with his death(AKA the Natasha Richardson effect) here’s a link to it from FoxNews. 

Update on Billy’s death: TV pitchman Billy Mays had heart disease, coroner says

Update 08/07/2009 – Autopsy Results finally in & there was a reason he was always ‘on’

Autopsy Shows Cocaine Contributed to Billy Mays’ Death


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