10 Questions that should be asked of Al Gore

But he won’t be because no Republican has the gonads to do it. Would be very entertaining to watch him stumble and squirm his way through these very good questions.

He (like most) are in it for the money. Bottom line, the more he scares people the more he stands to gain. If he would divest himself of all of his interests in these companies and actually start practicing what he preaches (you know, walk the walk) then I’d be far more likely to believe he’s serious about saving the planet.

Here’s just the 1st 3 questions, rest at link below

1. You are a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiner-Perkins and a co-founder of the United Kingdom-based investment firm of Generation Investment Management, each of which stands to gain financially from greenhouse gas regulation. Please describe any other financial interests that you have in any other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation.
2. In October 2008, the New York Times Magazine featured a cover story on how Kleiner Perkins had invested $1 billion in 40 companies that would profit from new environmental and energy laws and regulations. What will be your share of any profits from these ventures?
3. How much of your own money have you contributed to Kleiner-Perkins, Generation Investment Management and other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation? If you have not contributed significant amounts of your own capital to these businesses, what, then, is your role in them? Are you a lobbyist? Are you the face of their public relations efforts?  Is your job to run around scaring politicians and the public into enacting greenhouse gas regulation?

Human Events: 10 Questions for Al Gore by Steven Milloy

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