Obligatory Earth Day 2009 Post

Was going to write up a lengthy post on Earth in the lurch 2009 or evil humans are destroying the planet 2009 or what the hell ever it’s called but just couldn’t muster up enough gumption to give a shit. So in lieu of the diatribe I had planned here’s links out the arse to some good reading on the truth about the green Nazi’s

The entire environmental movement has been hijacked by displaced Commies or people who don’t really care about the earth but are using the guise of "saving the planet" as a way to take our freedom and money away from us. Do you think it’s a total coincidence that Earth day just happens to fall on Vladimir Lenin’s birthday? No, neither do I.

Sometime today remember to start a bon-fire with your old tires (use gas to light it) and bbq up some spotted owl eggs served with a side of Bald eagle in a endangered turtles shell.

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