Navy Seals free captain & kill 3 Muslim pirates

Yeah, I’ll go there because the MSM won’t. Most, perhaps all of the “pirates” are Muslims from Somalia. Seems we are fighting the religion of piece(s) everywhere we turn. Oh well, didn’t want to get off on that rant. Wanted to say….

Great job Seals! Should have happened days ago but when you got a limp noodle for a president that’s more worried about what the world thinks than taking care of business then you get stalling and indecision but at least he did something.

U.S. Navy Frees Captain, Kills 3 Somali Pirates

and now comes this….to which I say bring it on Jack Sparrow!

Pirates Vow Revenge After U.S. Navy Rescues Captain

From BlackFive: How the Rescue Happened


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