Maskatron lives!

Well I found something I didn’t know I was looking for and it’s made me giddily happy for some reason. Maskatron!

Ok queue the crickets and tumble weeds as I’m sure nobody but me knows what the hell I’m talking ’bout. Well let me ‘splain…

Maskatron is a Six Million Dollar man action figure that I had back in the 70’s and I absolutely loved it. Played with it ALL THE TIME. Even had bath time adventures with it. In fact I still have it’s head in a box of old junk over at my parents house and I think there’s a face or 2 with it. There might be more so I need to leave work and go look. Will post pics if I find anything worthwhile.

Ran across this great spread of 6 million Dollar man toy ad’s over at the Plaid Stallions website. Looking at all these I think I had almost everything. Even some of the Bionic Woman stuff! No, wasn’t gay or even curious but needed her to make the crossover episode re-enactments authentic 🙂

Also check out Maskatron on bionic wiki


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