Going after CEO’s then go after Hollywood


Great idea from Linda Harvey at WorldNet Daily

Is Nicole Kidman worth $15-$20 million a picture? How about George Clooney, Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon or Angelina Jolie? If we’re capping Wall Street salaries, we need to be socially just and review the West Coast as well.

Are there people who could be substituted for Cameron Diaz, who’d be willing to work for, say, $5 million a film? Or even a paltry million? Shouldn’t we share that wealth? Maybe she’d become nicer or at least well-informed at a lower rate of compensation.

Sidney Poitier said recently that Hollywood CEOs should earn no more than $500,000, and I’m with him. The same should apply to the stars. I know it’s a hard-knock life, but people have been known to live on money like that.

And what about pro sports? Terrell Owens reportedly earns around $7 million a year. Aren’t there ex-high school receivers out there willing to step into his cleats for a lot less than that?

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And we haven’t even gotten to the musicians yet. How much effort does it take for some of the music produced now? These people don’t need compensation. Wouldn’t most be willing to work (if you can call it that) for nothing? I say, free downloadable music for everyone, all the time, under the new regime!

If our wealth confiscating Government is going to start ‘fixing’ everyone’s pay to ensure ‘fairness’ then start where the salaries are truly out of control, Hollywood. Let’s see if all the celebutards will still support and throw fund raisers for Chairman O when 1/2 or more of their income disappears.

Applying the Liberal wealth redistributionist’s thinking to this you know it’s not fair that huge stars like Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are paid so much per film while other lesser known actors who work just as hard are not. Who cares if they aren’t good enough to get paid as much as a A-list celeb. This is all about FAIRNESS not actual talent.

And hell, that’s just scratching the surface, next stop professional athletes. NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA. Some of those guys surely aren’t worth what they are getting paid right? It’s just a outrage that contracts were drawn up privately between consenting adults to arrive at a monetary amount that both parties feel is in their best interest. That’s not fair to the less talented athletes! Regardless of their talent or lack thereof  they deserve to be paid more!

Now let’s set our sights on rock star’s income. The big Liberal tax the evil rich types like Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Bono earn far more than they need. About time they pay their ‘fair share’ don’t you think?

If the punish and demonize the rich plan would go after those groups I just might get behind the punish the rich crusade. Soon as monkeys fly outta my ass and I turn into a socialist that is.

Capping salaries? Start with Hollywood


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