Richard Allen Davis will never be executed

If ever there was a poster child for the pro death penalty side it’s the human crapstain Richard Allen Davis. If we had such a thing as real justice in America that piece of trash would be chained up to a wall this very moment and Polly Klaas’s father Marc, would be allowed to beat him until he was unrecognizable. Unfortunately that will never happen but at least we can dream.

This story hammers home the point of why it’s more costly to put people to death than to incarcerate them for life. The whole process is SLOWER than the glacier that created the grand canyon. I mean look at this:

How did it take this long? Davis was sentenced to death in September 1996 for the 1993 crime. Then it took the California Supreme Court office that handles appellate attorneys until mid-2001 to appoint attorney Phillip Cherney to represent Davis. As I’ve reported before, five years is not an unusual hiatus.

Then it took Cherney until July 11, 2005 to file an opening brief. Producing the appeal took longer than the prosecuting of Davis.

After another four years of delay and back and forth with the California attorney general’s office, voila, there was a hearing in March.

Unreal isn’t it? Chances almost 100% he will OD on death row or die of old age before he’s ever put to death and he knows it. Easy way to solve this is so simple. I call it my 1 and 5 rule.

When convicted and sentenced to death you get 1 and only 1 automatic appeal that takes place 5 years to the day you were convicted. You have 1825 days to either prove your innocence or cast enough reasonable doubt in a jury’s mind that they won’t put you to death.

If you are successful then no death for you. If not then you are led from the courtroom and immediately executed with whatever method the state is using at the time.

Should be very simple but sure I’m missing something in the big picture of things. It’s unarguable that it would save a blue TON of money and keep death row fairly cleared out. Sounds like a win win to me.

Richard Allen Davis: Safe on Death Row

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