No Cost Stimulus, great idea. Too bad it will never happen


This is a great plan that anyone who’s not a anti-capitalist green fruitcake (or in their back pocket) should agree with. Costs basically nothing, removes rules and regulations that have stifled access to our energy sources for decades. Could also provide ten’s of thousands of jobs and potential trillions in tax revenue.

What the bloody hell is not to like about that?!?!

Well, trouble is it will never EVER pass because of the enviro-whackjob lobby won’t allow it. They have bought and paid for most of the dimo-crat party and whoever they don’t own won’t go for it because it relies on the Government giving up control. Something neither party will do.

Economists, politicians, and the public alike are questioning the viability of the massive $787 billion stimulus signed into law. In response, Congressman Rob Bishop (R–UT) and Senator David Vitter (R–LA) recently introduced legislation that would create an estimated 2 million jobs, increase gross domestic product $10 trillion over the next 30 years, and lower energy costs—all without a huge expense to the taxpayer.

The No Cost Stimulus Act of 2009 would do this by expanding domestic energy supply and streamlining burdensome, unnecessary environmental review processes that have placed a stranglehold on access to reliable U.S. energy sources for decades.

No Cost Stimulus Expands Energy Supply and Creates Jobs

No Cost Stimulus Being Announced Today

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