Interesting scenario…what if Rush goes Galt?

Might seem far fetched but if Chairman O keeps going with his socialist policies and tries to reinstitute the fairness doctrine (it won’t be called that) then this scenario seems totally plausible. Hell if I was in El Rushbo’s shoes I’d do it!

The disappearances began four weeks ago when noted conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh ominously closed his radio show with the phrase, "Who is John Galt?" Since that day, the whereabouts of Mr. Limbaugh have been unknown even to his closest colleagues and friends.

His perplexing disappearance follows on the heels of months of criticism of the radio talker by the Obama administration over Limbaugh’s outspoken concerns of the Financial Bailout, the automotive bailouts, the airline bailout, TARP I, II, III, and IV, and the institution of the Radio Equality and Airtime Parity Act (sometimes referred to as the fairness doctrine).

Going, Going, Going, Galt


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