Wealth producers starting to shrug

Ruh-ro! Looks like thousands of John Galt’s across America are starting to say basta or enough! No surprise to anyone with a ounce of common sense. This is what you get when you demonize and punish achievement. Unless Chairman O’s wealth destroying polices are stopped we are in for some very dark days indeed.

From Michelle Malkin’s latest column:

"I have frozen hiring in my firm. … No investments will be made in taxable accounts — only 401k/IRAs. I am buying silver and gold instead of CDs or stocks with non-qualified money and savings. I have stopped taking new clients, thus freezing my income. I barter more and more. Spend less. I stopped leveraging assets (don’t borrow)."

"I have cut WAY back — I’m no longer buying retail, driving out of a 10-mile radius, spending money on eating out or putting my money in a savings account. I am using the money to pay off all of our debt. It has made our family closer, more appreciative."

"Going Galt": America’s Wealth Producers Vs. Wealth Redistributors

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