Cap & trade, bad idea when your economy is in the crapper


Or anytime for that matter.

The global warming, cap and trade scam rolls on and now it’s getting closer to rolling right over us. Yet another sot to the church of enviro-worshipping  moonbats it will do nothing to lower CO2 emissions while at the same time adding a entirely new tax on businesses that are already vastly over taxed.

As we all know(or should know if your not SLOW) businesses don’t really pay taxes. They pass those along to us so we’ll be paying for this just like everything else.

Cap and trade combined with this should just about finish off our economy all to save the planet from non existent global warming that we aren’t causing!

Grease up comrades, bend over and get ready for another royal reaming from our glorious nanny state let by Chairman O.

Obama Introduces Cap & Trade— Finally a Solution to Pretend Global Warming

Obama counting on cap-and-trade

Carbon Trading Markets Collapse

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