10 facts on the Admin’s 2010 Budget


Just un-fucking-believable spending. Brain hurts even attempting to wrap my meager mind around this mass of splattered feces they call a budget. Read it and WEEP or tilt the bottle. However you maybe inclined:

1.  The Administration’s projected budget deficit of $1.75 trillion is higher than the last five years of deficits combined, and under this plan, we will see three consecutive trillion dollar deficits between now and FY 2012.

2.  While it was purported to cut the budget deficit in half – from $1.75 trillion in 2009 to $533 billion by 2013 – this budget projects higher deficits in 2014 ($570 billion), 2015 ($583 billion), and 2016 ($637 billion).  In 2019, the final year in the budget, the deficit is projected to be $712 billion.

3.  Including the recently-enacted trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill, discretionary spending will soar by 24 percent this year under this budget.

4.  The budget projects that the national debt will increase from $8.4 trillion in 2009 to $15.4 trillion in 2019.

5.  The Administration’s budget contains $1.4 trillion in tax increases – tax hikes that will impact everyone, from small businesses, charities, and seniors to everyone who owns a 401(k) and anyone who flips on a light switch. 

If you can stomach it the rest is here:

10 Fast Facts on the Administration’s FY 2010 Budget 

Yeah, yeah…I know the pic has nothing to do with the subject matter but that’s on purpose because I’d rather look at a cute kitty than any of the worthless douchbags we’ve elected in congress.


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