Chairman O’s EPA to regulate our breath

Despite the fact humans are NOT causing global warming and despite the increase in carbon emissions the earth has actually been cooling since 1998 the EPA will most likely start regulating Carbon Dioxide. Why you ask? Easy, as with most moves that the imperial federal Gov. has taken lately it’s designed to take your money and freedom away.

This shill to the enviro-commies should kill what’s left of our economy and finish off what’s left of our freedom as well. Might seem like a doomsday conclusion but it’s very easy make. To wit:

On average each human exhales about 2 pounds of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 everyday and once the Gov. controls your breath it controls your LIFE even more so that socialized medicine.

Most everything we do daily emits some sort of CO2 this means virtually all your activities will now be regulated by the central planners in DC and the cost of everything you do will increase as businesses are forced to pay more for their carbon emissions.

Oh almost forgot, power generation. Chairman O’s hatred and desired abolishment of coal is about to be realized BIG TIME. This will either trigger the shutdown of the entire coal industry or greatly increase the cost of every coal fired power plant across the nation. Not such a great idea when over 50% of America’s power comes from coal and in states like Kentucky (where I live) over 90% of our power comes from coal.

Hope you enjoy being dead broke setting in a house with no power because that’s where we are headed, unless your one of the upper crust self appointed governing elite like AlGore then those rules don’t apply.

Welcome to hopey-changey-smiley face socialism and we are just getting started. Regretting that vote yet?

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