Lost your job or hunting for one? Good luck, you’ll need it.


Excellent and amusing site Moonbattery brings up a good point here: Lost Your Job? Thank the Government 

Until the economy turns around the government should immediately freeze or totally end the H1B visa program. It just seems counterintuitive and frankly retarded to be importing 1.5 million Indians into America while our unemployment rate keeps rising by the week. Take those that are unemployed, retrain them and both problems are solved. High tech firms get workers and American’s get back to work.

Also we should enforce all immigration laws and deport as many illegal’s as possible. As their housing, school and job choices dry up the rest will leave on their own. Yeah, I know the meme that they only take jobs Americans won’t do. I think that’s total shite but lets for the moment assume it’s correct. As the scarcity of jobs and the economy get’s worse and worse I think Americans will start taking anything they can get. To take care of my family I know I would.

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