Louisville Ice & Snow storm 2009 II

From Ice storm 2009

[Above photo is looking out my moms back door]

Today at work ran across a bunch of stories about how King Obama has abandoned my state Kentucky and left all us white bread, bible clinging, gun toting crackers to die in the ice. It’s obvious that these posts are mostly said firmly with tongue-in-cheek and are just proving a point about how the media eviscerated Bush for his handling of Katrina but are giving King O a free pass on this.

Since I’m living the Ice storm right now and busy taking care of my family and friends I hadn’t really thought about it. (By the way, I’m typing this post from work. My power is/was out…read on)

But we don’t need the help of FEMA or any other abbreviated Gov. agency. All they do is get in the way and gum up the works. We Kentuckians are pretty strong independent folks and are used to taking care of ourselves, our families and each other when needed and that’s exactly what we are doing now. I haven’t seen nor heard one person asking about when the Fed’s are going to rush in and help us. We don’t care because we help each other and don’t worry about the rest.

Personally I have been pretty lucky. When the storm started my parents lost power almost instantly. Since my mom is on oxygen I packed them up and brought them to my house. Their power came up 24 hours later so I took them back and checked in hourly to make sure they were ok. The power in my neighborhood mostly stayed on until Friday when it(including my house) went dead around 11AM. After spending a brutally cold night at home trying to keep our mini zoo of animals alive I bought a generator on Saturday and we’ve been doing alright ever since.

Most everyone on my street locked up and left their homes Friday and it’s very weird looking out your window at night and the entire neighborhood is pitch black. The only lights are yours and the house next door who had a generator. I’ve slept with a pistol at the ready every night just in case but so far not needed it thank god. I’ve heard rumors of punks out stealing generators but I think they are just that rumors.

With any luck our power will come on soon but if not, we’ll survive just fine. That’s what us redneck, inbred, hilljacks do best.

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