Lousiville Ice & Snow storm 2009

Ice storm 2009

Just wanted to post some photos and videos of the snow and ice storm that’s been hammering us for 2 days. Storm finally finished up today with about 4 inches of snow on top of roughly 1 inch of ice on top of more snow! Queue loud Sam kinison scream!

Kentucky seems to have been the hardest hit. Right now about 607,000 are out of power here in the state and that number keeps climbing. We are really lucky or blessed if you will. Our power has flickered but never gone out while most of our neighbors are out. Small miracle if you ask me. We tried to go into Audubon park to get pic’s but police had it blocked off at every entrance so it must have been a waste land.

Click on the pic above for my picassa album,  Link to youtube videos here

Will add more as I drive around town.

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