The Messiah takes on the real King of media

Barry O tells Republicans that they have to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

I thought the modern day messiah would have a thicker skin than to let a radio host get to him but apparently not. Someone needs to tell Obama the fact is Republicans stopped listening to Rush years ago. That’s why they keep getting their collective asses handed to them in each election cycle so in that aspect he has nothing to worry about.

For a US president to go after a private citizen is petty and politically ignorant and going after Rush specifically is just STUPID. I’ve seen on other blogs this could be a precursor to bringing back the fairness doctrine but I doubt it. The more Obama goes after Rush the more attention and ratings it will bring him and that will make if difficult if not impossible to hush Rush so to speak. Believe it or not most Americans (even Liberals) are still on the side of free speech.

Can’t wait until Monday at noon as Rush will have a freaking field day with this. His ratings should skyrocket as people tune in to hear what he has to say in rebuttal to Obama’s comments and being the capitalist that he is I’ll wager he’s already hard at work thinking up new t-shirt designs to start selling on his website with Obama’s comments emblazoned on them.

President Obama zings Rush

Great piece here from the Radio Equalizer

Update: about 1 hour after I posted this Rush responded and it’s good!

Limbaugh Responds to Obama


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