US Gov, Dodd & Frank just as guilty as Madoff


Uncle Ted nails it and makes some very good points comparing the Gov or fedzilla as he calls it to Bernie Madoff.

To expand a bit I’ve always thought that Barney Frank & Chris Dodd should be perp walked to jail for their involvement in the Freddie, Fanny debacle that has crippled our and now the worlds economy. They knew it was coming and did NOTHING but lie saying Freddie & Fanny were just fine.

The shady, negligent and, in my opinion, criminal behavior by the crooks who ran Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are as guilty as Madoff. The elected bandits such as Sen. Dodd and Rep. Frank who turned a blind eye to Fannie and Freddie in order to line their own pockets have also gotten away with the crime of the century. If their behavior wasn’t malicious, reprehensible and criminal enough, these same elected bandits are now bilking taxpayers by making us pay to clean up their horrendous ethical and soulless behavior. If these thugs had any personal or professional ethics, they would have resigned.

Just As Guilty by  Ted Nugent


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