America’s enemies will love us now(while they still try to kill us)


Elections have consequences as Rush liked to say after the Obamessiah was elected and boy ain’t it the truth. Not even 24 hours into his presidency he goes about dismantling part of the security put in place by Bush after 9/11.

Have we not learned anything here? Is the messiah that stupid or so beholden to his base of moonbat anti-American loons? There’s a reason we have not been attacked in almost 8 years and it’s the laws, procedures and polices that the eeeevil Bush put in place that are responsible for it.

Eviscerating the CIA, closing Gitmo and any other ‘black sites’ the CIA operates will only hurt us. Sure, the rest of the world might freaking adore us but who cares if we get attacked again and next time it will be worse, far worse. Think nuclear.

The clock is ticking, the more he rolls back what Bush has done the higher the chances are we get nailed again. It’s a certainty.

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