Ricardo Montalban RIP 1920-2009


Very sad that Ricardo Montalban passed away but he lived a long good life and was loved by millions worldwide. Can’t ask for more than that out of life.

For my generation he will always be known primarily for these roles: 

  • The amiable, all knowing host Mr. Roarke with his ever present side kick Tattoo.
  • As the evil but oh so cool villain Khan Noonien Singh from Star Trek II. (the best of the Start treks in my opinion)
  • As Vincent Ludwig, the main foil to Leslie Nielsen in 1st naked gun movie

Or who could forget ultra hip car salesman trying to entice us into buying a Chrysler Cordoba with it’s rich Corinthian leather.

Goodbye & God bless sir.

News of his passing here: Suave actor Ricardo Montalban dies

Check out IMDB for everything he was every in but it’s a LOT of reading.

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