Cool cat photo

I love cat’s. Yeah, I’m a guy and love cats. Funny thing is that when I was younger I used to hate them. Could hardly stand to be around them let alone own any. As I got older my hatred softened to the point it turned into love. Weird how that works isn’t it?

We own 3 Cornish Rex cat’s and have a stray that I’ve name Gollum we feed about 3 times a day. When he 1st started coming around over the summer he was skin and bones, scared to death. Now he’s gotten rather plump from all the good cat chow we’ve gave him and even comes in the house to play with our cats and ferrets.

Anyway, kinda got off topic as I typically do. Ran across the above photo saved in my Google reader links of all places. It always make me smile so thought I’d post it on here.

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