Obamasiah to close club Gitmo during 1st week in office

Personally I think he’s insane to do this but I understand why he’s doing it. Has to placate his lunatic anti-war moonbat base with something to keep them happy and this is the sacrificial lamb so to speak.

What will become of these Muslim terrorist slimbag punks is anyone’s guess. I’ve seen articles where they could be sent to several different countries in Europe or even Britain. Who knows. I’d just as soon they are kept at Gitmo until they can be tried by our military outside of the US justice system and let the shite fall where it may.

If closing Gitmo causes harm or death to anyone than this debacle is on his head. His followers might think he’s our new savior but even he can’t raise the dead.

Obama to Issue Order Closing Gitmo During First Week in Office – FOXNews.com Transition Tracker


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