The real history of Israel

Good historical piece from a guy I think should run for president Larry Elder. It’s a brief history of the land that Israel and Palestinians now live on and who really has ‘dibs’ on it and guess what, it’s not Muslims. If we had proper schools in Amerika then most everyone would know this already but anyway, that’s another subject altogether.

Israel lies in the ancient Fertile Crescent’s southwest corner, with some of the oldest archeological evidence of primitive towns and agriculture. Historians and archeologists believe the Hebrews probably arrived in the area in the second millennium B.C. The nation itself was formed as the Israelites left Egypt during the Exodus, believed to be in the late 13th century B.C.

The 12 tribes of Israel united in about 1050 B.C., forming the Kingdom of Israel. David, the second king of Israel, established Jerusalem as Israel’s national capital 3,000 years ago. Jewish kingdoms and states existed intermittently in the region for a millennium.

Read all here: Israelis and Palestinians: Who’s David, Who’s Goliath?

Stop the post! Right before I hit publish, ran into this nice companion piece:

Palestinians Are Getting What They Voted For

It points out the obvious to those of use who pay attention to current events but should be informative to most.


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