Diversity gone bugnuts: Denver Axes mascot ‘Boone’

Ran across this news story today and it just floored me. Jaw hit the table, mumbling obscenities to myself. Don’t know why I even care as I don’t know anyone in Denver nor have I ever visited there and might add don’t ever plan to. But having said that stories like this bug the shit out of me.

How in god’s green world could that cute little logo offend anyone? It was designed by Walt Disney himself and they should feel honored for even having it. 87% percent of the University wants the mascot returned but the politically correct moonbats that run the place don’t care about the will of the people. It’s all about DIVERSITY! Screw the majority to placate a minority of which none are really complaining. The university committee seems to have made this entire non-existent problem up out of thin air for some reason. Probably to assuage their own white guilt at past transgressions of which they had no direct part in.

If your life is so pathetic that something that tame offends you then find the tallest building and jump already. Seriously if that’s offensive to you then I’m certain you are officially clinically retarded and should not be walking around in a free society.

Read it here and then shed a tear for our once great nation as we become more pussified by the day.

Denver axes mascot ‘Boone’ in diversity drive

I love what one of the commentators had to say at the end of the article:

Never trust anyone that uses the phrase “people of color” or words like “inclusiveness” and “diversity”. These are people that are mindless, brainwashed morons and are discriminatory themselves because words and phrases like these are just codewords for discriminatory actions against whites.


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