It’s Friday so Muslims must be pissed about something

And right on Que they are! This time Long John Silvers has apparently offended their delicate sensibilities for daring to offer a children’s toy that had build with Jesus on it. Oh the unspeakable horror of it! How will they ever recover from such a dastardly transgression by a American corporation? Oh I know, by extorting as much money and apologies as they can get out of them that’s how.

The headquarters of Yum! (parent company of LJS) is 3 miles up the road from me and I’ll bet they fall all over themselves to cave into the demands of Cair the always looking to be offended Muslims. Me? I would tell them to screw off or something far less politically correct. This nation was & is Judeo-Christian based and if they don’t like it to get the hell out.

Read all about it here: Muslims Offended by Fast Food toy

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