Lucky it was only shoes

Here’s the obligatory Bush get’s shoe thrown at him post.

Seen the I’ve seen the video several times and 2 things surprised me.

1. Bush’s reaction time. He’s really quick for a older guy. Look at that pic. I don’t think I would have ducked that any faster and I’m 20 years younger. I’ll bet he ages much like his dad which is to say not much at all. The elder bush is what, late 80’s now and still looks great and gets around fine.

2. Two shoes made it through? I think the secret service really screwed up. 1 shoe making it through, yeah ok. But two? They should have had Bush on the ground covered before the 2nd shoe left that reporters hand. What if the shoe had been a shoe bomb, ala Richard Reid. A grenade? Had a razor blade in the sole? The results could have been catasrophic. Deranged douchebag Liberals would have rejoiced but the rest of us would have been horrified.

Youtube video

LA Times link

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