Gayday Gayday!

Well well, today is officially gay day where all gays are supposed to stay home from work in protest of prop 8 out in the peoples Republic of California. Yeah, I know, who gives a shit right? Well I sure don’t and probably 95% of the populace doesn’t either or they don’t even know about it to care.

No one at my place is off today except the boss which makes me wonder……But anyway has anyone thought of bi-sexuals? What will they do take 1/2 day off and if so which part of the day? That one will keep me up tonight!

From my perspective the gays can take the whole week off. Like I care if Hollywood shuts down for a day (wish they would for longer) and so what if we can’t get our hair styled today? Haven’t had a haircut since 1995 and even then I did it myself! Just not seeing much of a loss to anyone so go for it.

As for the rest of us that aren’t gay best way to handle it is to just ignore it. All they want is attention and if they get it the more like little children who didn’t get what they want they’ll act.

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