Can we wait until he accomplishes something before renaming the country after him?

Just read a great piece from John Hawkins over at Townhall on the quest by some Obama worshipers to rename anything and everything after their new messiah. I totally agree with every word he wrote.

You know, how about we wait until he at least cures a ham or heals a dog before we Cannonize him the new Saint of emptysuitdouchbaggery. (Best I could think of, it’s been a long week)

Snippet below:

So, before we carve Barack Obama’s face right there on Mt. Rushmore beside of Abe Lincoln, perhaps we should wait to see if he’s as good at tackling this country’s very real problems as he is at raising money, reading speeches off a teleprompter, and chucking his former friends and allies under the bus.

Read it all here: Before We Carve Barack Obama’s Face on Mt. Rushmore


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