Uncle Ted nails the bullseye yet again, Obama voters just aren’t very bright

Usually when Mr. Nugent says something there is little left to be added or discussed and that is the case again with this brilliant diatribe on how stupid or ill-informed most of Obama’s voters really are.

These dunderheads have no clue how the economic mess was largely caused by Democrats, including Obama. But Obama, recognizing how gullible, naive and dumb many of his supporters are, drummed it into them that the economic mess was caused by President Bush and the Republicans and that he is going to give 95% of Americans a tax cut when 40% of Americans don’t even pay any federal taxes. Investing deception capital in the stupidity of his supporters was a very wise move on Obama’s part. That is if you don’t really care about anything except getting elected.

McCain had no marketable answer to Obama’s charge because McCain knew that attempting to explain the economy to dumb people is impossible in 30 second commercials.

Fantasy driven clowns like the idea of believing they are getting something for nothing. What they receive, however, is always scraps from the economic table. They are too dumb to recognize this and thus condemn themselves to a pathetic life clinging to the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. Their stupidity sentences them to a life of poverty and despair.

Entire Ted rant here


One Response to “Uncle Ted nails the bullseye yet again, Obama voters just aren’t very bright”

  1. Hmmm…interesting post. Now let’s see how many people actually hold Mr. Obama accountable for his words.


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