45 Years ago today 11/23/1963….JFK Assassination

45 years ago today John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. No need to further elaborate on the rest as most everyone in the free world knows the story.

Anyway me being a history nut thought I just had to post something. JFK’s presidency always intrigued me as a what could have moment in time. If he had lived would Vietnam as we know it every have happened? and if Vietnam didn’t happen would the hippie counterculture movement have occurred? How about the civil rights & race riots across the country? MLK…RFK assassinations?

I mean the questions are endless aren’t they? Totally pointless because the past is what it is and can’t be changed but just for a moment imagine what if?

Here are some links worth checking out:

History Channel

45 years later, eyewitnesses to JFK assassination part of a dwindling, but significant, club

45 years after Kennedy assassination, detective handcuffed to Oswald still telling famous tale

Dallas Remembers Kennedy Assassination 45 Years Later

JFK Conspiracy Theories


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