eHarmony BOGU’ed (Bends over, greases up)

Let me get this straight. a gay man, Eric McKinley has coerced, browbeaten or just flat out scared eHarmony into giving him 5G and creating a brand new website for gay hookups only? Even though eHarmony was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren a evangelical Christian who mostly likely doesn’t agree with gays or their lifestyle and made a deliberate choice to exclude gays from eHarmony when he founded it in 2000.

Oh well, to hell with that.

Doesn’t matter how you want to run YOUR business. The Gov. and radical activists control how business’s are ran nowadays. Think you can choose who you sell or market your products or services to? ha!

Welcome to Amerika where all you have to do is declare yourself a victimized member of some minority group and everyone is supposed to bend over & grease up for you to have your way with them. If they don’t then the victimized minority sues and why not? The way many of the discrimination laws are written the victimized minority doesn’t have to pay a cent, if they win they are reimbursed by the taxpayers. Great system ain’t it? No risk, potentially HUGE reward. Even if they don’t win a actual jury decision as in this case they still get paid. Betcha the 5G is for attorneys fees. Any takers on that bet? No? ok moving on…..

At least the court didn’t impose that decision. Now the question becomes why did eHarmony settle the case? Easy, money and publicity. They probably correctly deduced that it would be cheaper to pay out 55G and create a website than continue to pay a army of lawyers to fight it. Also the gay community has the entire MSM on their side and the negative publicity probably would have seriously hurt eHarmony so they caved. You know, everyone has a point were it’s easier to just give in that fight so it’s hard to really blame them.

Following the logic of that lawsuit I suppose next up is someone suing Burger King because they don’t sell Big Mac’s or suing White Castle because they don’t serve Whopper’s. In my mind it’s the same damn thing.

I’m starting to come to the conclusion that the whole ‘gay rights’ movement isn’t about equal rights for gays at all. It’s about taking the rights away from people who are Christian, heterosexual or don’t agree with them. When I was younger I never gave a rats ass about a persons sexual preference nor even thought about it. With all the vicious intolerant behavior I’m seeing from the prop 8 protesters lately & gays in general screaming for us to be more tolerant, I say screw’em. The my way or else mentality they are fomenting is going to create a backlash that will put their high heel wearing Carmen Miranda loving asses right back into the closet.

Oh hell, look at the time! I’d better get moving. Off to a Jewish synagogue so I can get irrationally upset when they don’t have a Catholic service for just me.

Links: Good observation from Gateway pundit, the always spectacular Moonbattery and Outstanding quote from Michelle Malkin “Perhaps heterosexual men and women should start filing lawsuits against gay dating websites and undermine their business. Coerced tolerance and diversity-by-fiat cut both ways.”


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