WTC – Seven years later & still a big damn hole

Is it just me or does anyone else remember when Americans used to get things done? Like quickly building top quality goods & structures that stood the test of time? Thanks to our ever present (in the way) Government along with all the rules, regulations and red tape they put in our way just filling out all the paper work and getting 100 lawyers involved takes 10 years!

Nowdays the perfect example of the state of present day America is the big empty hole in New York. Sure they put up a fence and cleared up the rubble & appears they have built some infrastructure for the Freedom tower but it’s been over 7 years! By now we should have the largest building ever constructed by man standing there. You know, like a great big middle finger to the terrorists saying take that you bastards! You might kill some of us & knock a few buildings down but you can’t stop the American spirit from rising out of the ashes.

Just to put things in wee bit of perspective:

  • It took 7 years to build the original world trade centers. 2 buildings, total of 220 floors.
  • It took 4 years to build the Hoover dam in the middle of the great depression.
  • It took 4 years to build the Sears tower in Chicago.
  • 410 days to build the 102 story Empire state building also during the great depression.

That is what America used to be capable of doing but not so much anymore. Sad isn’t it?

What got me started on this mini rant is this piece from Stop the ACLU. It’s well worth the read.

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