Watched a show on the history channel the other day about the dustbowl in America’s heartland called Black Blizzard and holy shit that was vicious!

I actually did a book report on that dark period in American history back in the 6th or 7th grade (don’t remember which) but guess at the time I was too young to really get what those people went through.

The show was really well done and talked to several survivors of it and their stories are amazing. It’s hard to believe that people lived through that for 10 years. Going to work and school everyday in dust blowing sometimes up to 80mph! Being indoors was not much better because most structures were wood framed and not very well insulated. So no matter where you went you where exposed to it and many people especially little kids died of what was called black pneumonia.

Also it killed most all the livestock and crops. Then the lack of vegetation caused the temp to increase in the summer upwards of 120 degree’s and that in turned caused all the water to dry up! Just a vicious cycle that’s amazing anyone lived through.

Anyway if your a history buff like moi it’s definitely worth reading up on.

History Channel show here 

Further reading & research here & here

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