Randy Rhoads tribute by MAB

Take Randy Rhoads one of my top 3 favorite guitarists of all time and shredder extraordinaire Michael Angelo Batio and you get this very nice tribute to Randy!

In his short life Randy wrote some of the coolest riffs ever concocted for guitar. For his Mr. Crowley solo alone he should be sainted. MAB is just unreal. A freak of nature if you will. If I could play 1/10 as good as either of these guys I’d die a happy boy.

Anyway here is MAB’s tribute to Randy

Just for the hell of it here is MAB showing off, just cause he’s good like that.


2 Responses to “Randy Rhoads tribute by MAB”

  1. Awesome footage. Makes you wonder why MAB has never had the cover of Guitar World magazine?

  2. Thanks for replying! That’s a really good question. I won’t name names but GW put’s a lot of players on the cover that he could outplay with his amp on standby 🙂

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