Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans day or Armistice day as it used to be called!

Just wanted to say a thank you to all the folks who have served this great nation and kept this republic a free country.

The 233rd anniversary of the Marines was yesterday so quick congratulations to those guys. Simper Fi! oooo-rah!

The closest I ever came to joining the military was signing up for selective service when I turned 18 in 1986. The military was just never my thing. Sure, I thought about it but was too busy getting drunk, high and chasing girls to actually commit myself to a higher calling like that. Now I’m too old and decrepit to make it through basic training!

Looking back with 20 years hindsight my generation got really lucky. We grew up between wars, no draft and for the most part a economy that was doing far better than now. Other than the Jimmah Carter years the rest were pretty
good times.

During a lot of my teen years I knew several guys who were in the military, active and retired. The retired never talked about it. Well I take that back, one older fella name Danny used to regal me with tails of hookers he picked up in Korea and the various STD’s that were prevalent. Hell I was 16 and it sounded like good times to me!  I knew another guy named Riggs who was active Air Force. He was gone most of the time to EAB but came into town on leave about every 3 months and we’d hang out, guzzle some beers and shoot the shit. About all he did was dress nice everyday, take orders, give a few and shuffle papers. Remember this was during peacetime so that’s what a lot of service guys were doing back then. 911, Iraq & Afganistan hadn’t happened yet.

My family has a few service members I’d like to mention. My uncle Tan was a Army helicopter mechanic in Vietnam. My uncle Huck was a Marine fighter pilot in Vietnam and was one of the only members of his squadron to not be shot down. Very lucky man indeed. My cousin Timmy followed his dad Huck into the Marines and did about 8 years. Also he worked down at cape Canaveral on shuttle launches for a bit. He invited me down to watch several launches but I never made it. I still regret that. My father in law was in Vietnam but like most from that war prefers not to talk about it.

Then there’s my dad. He was drafted into the Army right out of high school in 1951 and sent to Korea. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t talk about it. The only things he’s told me is that he worked in supply & it was a lot like the TV show MASH. I have feeling he did a lot more than that but just doesn’t want to relive it and I understand.
Don’t think I would want to either.

Like Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that. In conclusion I impart a hearty thank you & god bless to them all.

Further reading here

Update: Ran across this: 10 Celebrities Who Served Our Country

The striking thing about this piece is how the celebs of yesteryear stood up and fought for their country and quasi-celebutards of today piss, moan and flash peace signs. Oh in between bout’s of calling Bush Hitler and geuflecting to their new messiah that is. Sorry to interject politics into a Veterans day salute but sometimes I can’t help myself.

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