Jamie Gorelick….that’s change?

Holy god (and I mean Jesus Christ not our newly minted messiah)

The daily diarrhea that pours from the B. Hussein camp is making my brain hurt but now we get what might top them all so far…….

For more dopey change we are getting a old Clinton rehash Jamie Gorelick as attorney general   What the hell???

She’s going to be the top law enforcement officer in the US after her stellar history of Gov. work. hah!

At best that chick should be managing a used car lot into bankruptcy and IMO she should be doing jail time for the never ending string or mismanagement and screw-ups she is responsible for over the past decade and 1/2.

Read this and weep Mistress of Disaster: Jamie Gorelick

No need to be surprised, that’s a liberal for you. As Rush says the more they muck up or flat out break the law is like a resume enhancer.


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