Welcome comrades to 1984

November 5 1984

ok…ok, it’s not really 1984 but this morning it sure feels like it to me. I think Orwell’s chilling vision has arrived just 24 years later than he wrote about. With the election of the MSM appointed messiah today starts the beginning of the end for the America we knew and grew up in. Never thought I’d live to see a openly outgoing socialist/marxist become president.

Oh well, that’s all. I could ramble on for pages but have work to do. Will update this post later once I collect my thoughts.

Update: Couple links of much better coherent thoughts on what happened, why and where we are headed.

One Response to “Welcome comrades to 1984”

  1. belchspeak Says:

    Hey Bear, thanks for linking to my blog.
    I remember 1984, and that was a great year. I think it feels more like 1977, which is the last time the Dem’s were in charge during a downturn in the economy. (I know you meant Orwell)

    It is definitely going to be a bumpy ride.

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