Election day update

–Been busy as work & home, not much time to post anything but had to take time for obligtory election day post–

Finally! Thank you dear god we are finally here….Election day. When in a scant 12-24hrs we will either elect a new president who will take us down the road to socialism at a turtles pace or face the coronation a Marxist messiah who will take the entire country straight into a socialist hell replete with Obama youth & truth squads that will smash any & all dissenting opinion. (think Chavez, Castro & Stalin) Do you like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Boortz on the radio? Kiss them goodbye because already up to pass in the his 1st hundred days is the fairness doctrine which will sail through if the Dem’s get a veto proof majority in the house and senate.

That’s really all there is to it. Both parties are a lost cause. The modern day Republicans are the Democrat party of the early 60’s and the modern day Democrat party is full of socialists that want to control every aspect of your life and redistribute your money to whoever they deem worthy of it. Equality to lib’s is everyone equally miserable so if you aren’t miserable yet just wait because you will be under our modern day messiah. McCain, while not without problems is a lot better choice & will at least allow us to keep more of our freedoms & money we earn and will only present a creeping socialism that will take years to manifest itself fully.

Yeah, it’s sad but that’s what we Americans are down to at this point, voting for a lesser of 2 evils. I have not cast my vote yet but am leaving work early to make sure I have plenty of time to do it and you can guess who I’m voting for and it’s not the messiah. Watching Obama & his worshiping supporters in the MSM & populace I often stop and think if this is how Hitler or Jim Jones started. With glassy eyed brain washed followers who don’t really know why or what they are supporting. Oh well,  hope this prediction comes true


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