People who are ignorant about the issues & canidates should not vote

This article from John Stossell is outstanding and I agree 100%. Uninformed people should not vote!

I’ll stretch that out a bit to include what I call voter come lately’s. Which are people who start paying attention to the commercials in the last few weeks of the campaign cycle. Any of you guys can stay home too because your voting simply on  whatever you’ve heard on radio, TV or a friend saw on a blog on the net and told you. That’s no way to make your decision. The political ad’s are total B.S. as are lot of the blog sites. Do your own research and try your best to find out the truth. In some cases the truth is almost impossible to discover but you can at least try. Just do your home work. Click off that episode of Ugly Betty or Dancing with the idiots & hit the web.

Do not believe anything a politician says. Period. Oh and party affiliation is irrelevant. All of them will lie, cheat, steal or give a reach around to Sasquatch if it will get them elected. The only way to really figure out who to vote for is to look into their past and see who their friends were in their formative years. Who they hung out with in their political career, what bills they voted for or against. In general check out just how they’ve lived their lives up until this point. Then pick the candidate that you think has lived closest to your beliefs & values and vote for them.

El Rushbo says something along these lines that ignorance is the most expensive commoditie we have as country. Which is a another way of saying people who are totally uninformed are costing America billions a year by voting in people they know nothing about. Just going by how they ‘feel’ instead of actually researching the issues and the candidates. We are quickly getting to the tipping point of voters electing whoever promise’s the most welfare handout’s to them. Once we cross that line we are doomed to the same fate as the Roman Empire.  Don’t know how that went down? Get your research started right now and google it!  🙂


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