Muslims & Christians

We in the US are pummeled with the PC meme to always be tolerant of other religions especially Islam. Overlook and ignore everything they do or say because you know most of them don’t think that way. Ok great, is that true? Yeah, I think it probably is. Most Muslims are most likely peaceful people just like most of us Christians which is great but think about this. Let’s for the sake of assuming that 5% of the Muslim population is hostile towards and wants to kill anyone who doesn’t think like them. Well the current worldwide population of Muslims is 1.1 billion so that would mean that a whole lot of Muslims are potential terrorists. Is it any wonder we look at them all with a distrustful eye.

Anyway, kind of got of topic a bit from what I was originally posting about. I think Muslims are treated pretty well in the US. Not perfect but not bad considering followers of their religion have killed thousands of our people over the years. Take a look at this to see how Christians are treated in Muslim countries. Could you imagine the hand wringing caterwauling that would ensue from the UN loving surrender at any cost crowd if any of those things were going on here? THINK ABOUT IT…..

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