Horror Movie Remakes – Update

Heard awhile back that Micheal Bay’s production company was doing remakes of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street but didn’t think much about at the time. (You know, life kinda get’s in the way & movie remakes are pretty far down on my deep thoughts list) Anywho, the same group did remakes of Texas Chainsaw massacre, The Hitcher, and Amityville Horror. The TCM remake was pretty good, haven’t seen the other 2 yet. Ran across this story and I recalled, oh yeah when is that coming out?!?!  Well I think that F13 has potential to be fairly decent. I mean lets face it, all you need is a camp in the woods, a big guy to play Jason, rack up a high body count, some good looking kids to use drugs & get naked then bam! you gotta movie. So if they follow that formula then it should turn out ok.

It appears they are staying close to the original flicks and the remake will encompass 1-3 of the originals. The mask and the way Jason is dressed stays the same so WTG on that decision. Never heard of the actor playing Jason, Derek Mears and I would have preferred Kane Hodder but they want to do it all fresh now with new people so he probably wasn’t even asked. Oh well, even with that glaring oversight it still has the potential to be watchable anyway. I was 12 when the 1st one came out so I grew up with this franchise and like them all. Even the horrible one in space. Some things are so bad you just have to love them you know? šŸ™‚ Here’s the official trailer

So much for Friday the 13th now onto Nightmare on Elm Street.

Well to start with see this story. If that is indeed true then that kinda queer’s the whole deal for me. Just can’t imagine a Nightmare without Robert Englund. Grew up watching him too & for me he is and always will be Freddy. Remake will probably will be ghastly (not in a good way) but I’ll give it a shot on DVD anyway šŸ™‚

Also just read a piece about Hitchcock classic The Birds being remade. That might be good but will probably miss the slow build up suspense that Hitchcock was a master of. DVD worthy as well.

UPDATE – 10/24/2008

Don’t know how I missed this one but they remade My bloody Valentine in 3D no less! Sweet šŸ™‚ The preview here looks really good. I saw the original the the preston drive-in back in 1980 and have loved it ever since so look forward to seeing it.


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