Made in the USA

Here’s a great link & video of a tour Leatherman Factory

I buy US made good whenever possible and always encourage others to do the same. Sad state of affairs is a lot of things like electronics aren’t made here anymore so you really don’t have choice. Like shoes fer instance. Most are made in China now which cheeses me off to no end. Even my beloved Chuck Taylor’s are Chi-com made and have been for about 8 years. I still own 2 old pairs which are USA made and I hardly wear so’s to not wear them out.

Levi’s are another case. Jeans made in Mexico & jackets in China…and trust me they don’t fit like they used to either but again what choice do you have? I’m kinda brand loyal and have been for 20 years. Love my Levi’s and don’t want to give them up no matter where they are made. Mexico I don’t have a problem with but China I do. Commies aren’t cool and I try to avoid anything to prop up a Commie gov. Sorry for the rambling rant but things just pour out like that 🙂


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