Early Voting – why?

My thoughts on early voting

All of this early voting in 31 states has me and I suspect a lot of other American’s wondering why? Seems to me that it kicks the door wide open for massive voter fraud ala Acorn and I don’t see the point in it. If you know you won’t be near your local voting booth at election time then it’s up to you to obtain and cast a absentee ballot and if you do that then there’s no need for early voting. That’s what I would do and all responsible people would do the same.

I mean seriously why even classify Nov. 4th as election day if you can vote almost any damn time you feel like it?

Have a feeling after this is all over and regardless of who wins the losers will file lawsuits out the arse accusing the winners of voter fraud and you know what. They’d probably have a pretty good case for it.


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