G&R for real this time – updated

Seen multiple news stories on Ultimate Guitar & RR website and sure looks like Chinese Democracy is finally coming out. Back in the 80’s I loved these guys but it’s really not those guys anymore is it? Just Axl and whatever band of merry yes men he’s been able to gird into staying with him.      

Whatever. I wish him & the scabs well but I probably won’t buy the record. Still waiting for the real G&R to get back together which (crazy as it sounds) I think will happen someday. But I’ve thought zeppelin would have gotten back together by now too so I could be really wrong!

Update 10/22 – Finally heard part of the song Chinese Democracy off the new album and it’s not too bad. Was it worth a 14 year wait? ahhh not so much. It’s ok but no where near the caliber of their classic material. Suppose only time will tell if anyone buys it. For me, I’ll probably DL a few songs & call it a day. BTW for all you holding your breath supposedly comes out 11/23  check out more info here


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